Living The Sea

Lapped by three seas, Sicily offers more than a thousand kilometers of coastline. High and jagged in the Tyrrhenian stretch, it becomes low and linear in the southern part, and then articulated in beautiful bays on the Ionian coast. The interior hilly and mountainous, richly planted with citrus, almond, olive trees and vines, thanks to the fertility of the soil and a wonderfully mild climate, is also available through equipped farms. The coast is a succession of golden beaches and stunning cliffs that overlook the African Sea, a paradise for divers and ideal destination for anyone who practices water sports. We present thirteen of the most charming and beautiful beaches of the largest island in the Mediterranean.


Mondello  Retreat of the Palermo-well, Mondello is an elegant resort located about ten kilometers from Palermo. It was discovered in the early twentieth century dl and just goes back to that time the bathing joint plant to the mainland by a pontoon. It houses the Charleston restaurant, where you can taste dishes based on seafood specialties.

San Vito lo Capo  The water is crystal has the shades ranging from blue to cobalt blue San Vito lo Capo is one of the most famous and beautiful seaside resorts in Sicily, on the Tyrrhenian coast. Three kilometers to the east of the town are situated the buildings of the ancient aristocrats Tonnara del Secco, whose networks were lowered a few meters from the shore. The networks are now not dropped more since 1969, but the place is still full of charm and fishermen who frequent gladly recount the adventures of the massacre. Alongside the properties of the trap you can still admire the remains of ancient fish processing plants, dating back to the fourth century before Christ. Here we worked the fish in the sea facing was captured.

Riserva Naturale dello Zingaro  Along the coast by the Greeks and Latins it was called “Cetaria” for its abundance of tuna in the sea, and over the mountains where they live and birds of prey nest, lies the Zingaro Nature Reserve, one of the most famous reserves in Italy. It stretches about seven kilometers between Scopello and San Vito lo Capo and is the first nature reserve established by the region. The coastal stretch is characterized by high cliffs interspersed with white coves washed turquoise sea, within walking distance from the main path. Other paths instead of allowing To advance in the oasis and stroll through dwarf palms, large carob trees and other Mediterranean vegetation specimens. The dwarf palm is the symbol of this unspoilt nature reserve. Describe these seven kilometers of pristine coastline is impossible: the small bays of white pebbles which paved the surf rolls in a sea that paints all of the shades of green you have to see it to appreciate them; the sharp rocks that separate these coves, sometimes transparent high water, sometimes gently sloping, with rabbits that emerge here and there, suddenly, and suddenly disappear in the bushes; the farmhouses built in the balance on the rocks bordering the water’s edge …

Eraclea e Minoa  A rugged landscape almost desert if it were not for the sea lapping at the sand dunes. And ‘the scenario of Eraclea and Minoa, an ancient Mycenaean colonial settlement in the province of Agrigento. The archaeological remains of this civilization are built on a promontory that slopes down to the sea, near Capo Bianco. A beautiful and long beach is bordered by high white wall of the head and to the southeast, by a wide pine forest.

Scala dei Turchi  Eroded by wind and water, this white rock wall has taken over time the shape of a natural staircase. It is located on the coast between Capo Rossello and Porto Empedocle, near the town of Realmonte. The scale of the Turks and ‘one of the most beautiful places of the whole coast of Agrigento.

Capo Passero  Located on the extreme southern tip of the Syracuse area, this natural island in the past was used as a strategic point for catching tuna. It is in front of the village of Portopalo, which boasts one of the most important fish markets. The coast of Portopalo and Capo Passero have a particular morphology and alternating long sandy beaches to breathtaking cliffs, now overlooking the sea, now that degrading gently toward the water. Circunavigare visit and the isle is a unique experience, an event not to be missed for all those who love the seascapes.

Riserva di Vendicari  Approaching the sea you can see the beaches and cliffs that thin out in magnificent coves, ponds, reeds and trees of different heights. The spring landscape is an explosion of colors: the green of the mastic and dwarf palms to the yellow of the broom and chrysanthemum, red poppies on purple thyme, blue iris, the white of the sea lily.

Brucoli  The seaside village of Brucoli is located in the province of Siracusa, namely near Augusta. Already the road that leads to the resort gives a discreet natural charm because it includes numerous olive groves. The waters of the Ionian Sea, near Faro Santa Croce, are particularly rich in fish and its waters rich in fish and seafood. Brucoli is a charming fishing village known for the port-channel, estuary Porcaria stream.

Riviera dei Ciclopi  Tourism in the Riviera of the Cyclops is made of many little pretty things and put in the right place. Staying means discovering a world of myths and traditions related to fishing, the history and the legend was letteratura.Secondo Polyphemus, after being blinded by Odysseus, to hurl stones that give life to the Riviera de Cyclops. In fact the stacks are black lava masses and pointed emerging from the water. The sunset colors infuse a magical atmosphere to this seascape placed in front of Aci Trezza.

Acireale  The ancient Baths of Acireale, offer the possibility to make use of modern thermal treatment services and the various opportunities for recreation and wellness of which have spa. The Acireale Spa are therefore an ideal place for a holiday of relaxation, wellness and health, but also entertainment and culture.

Taormina  Dream of tourists from around the world who love the beauty of nature and art emotions Taormina, perched on Monte Tauro, is the Island in the Sky “one of the most fascinating tourist destinations in the world. Along the coast there are beautiful beaches with modern bathing equipment; Directly opposite is the island Bella. Between the beach of Mazzaro and the island Bella juts Capo Sant’Andrea, which is home to the fantastic sea caves which can be accessed via a staircase in the rock.

Costiera di Tindari  If you want to admire the sea and truly unique coastal scenery you should definitely visit the coastal area of Tindari. The lakes of Marinello, between Capo Calavà and Capo Milazzo, in tindarita stretch of coast, are made of gray sandbars surrounded by small ponds that create sinuous forms. You can walk in half an hour from the beach Olivieri. Seen from afar it looks like a great dragon Cape Tindari asleep peacefully, she posed on the head.

Cefalù  Clear sea and sand, but the real strength of the beach is a characteristic landscape that surrounds it: houses perched overlooking the sea and dominated from behind by a rocky outcrop. Truly a fascinating show and picturesque postcard, which extends for about 2 km of coastline. The Lido di Cefalu offers a free beach and equipped some with umbrellas, bars and restaurants. If you are fond of diving, diving or snorkeling this is a great start to explore the marine life rich waters of the beaches of Cefalu.

Terrasini  The natural beauty of the area is ensured primarily by the sea, really sweeping coastline and enchanting colors, especially at sunset, but also from the Oasis Farm a well-known park overlooking the sea. The scenic beauty and wildlife of the city and its importance as a seaside resort are visible as early as the Capo Rama, where it is seen a terrestrial environmental richness and unique maritime. The coast presents very eventful because it offers the possibility to admire rocks and cliffs and really colorful with diversified forms, caves and marine folklore with names drawn from the very limpid character.

Da Scoglitti in Pozzallo, through Punta Secca, Donnalucata and Marina di Ragusa, offering many beautiful beaches of fine golden sand beaches bathed by clear water gently. For ragusane beaches not only exists the summer but also spring and autumn are two good seasons to enjoy the mild climate and take a bath in the clear water and now abandoned by mass tourism. Even walking on the “waterfront” are very nice because they offer some really beautiful scenery especially when the sun goes down in the sea and all colors of red and orange and the sea shines even more.